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Monday, May 11, 2009

My first tag

Got my first tag from my cousin..

4 names that friends call U:
- Zarin (got this name when i'm in SERATAS. Since that, i prefer my frenz to call me with this name)
- ina (frenz before i went to SERATAS)
- hehe..rasanye takde yg ketiga dan keempat.

4 most important dates in your life:
- 21/04 (besday abah)
- 16/08 (besday mama)
- 02/04 (my besday)
-25 every month (gaji masuk hehe...)

4 things you've done in the last 30 minutes:
- Jumpa Kak Nosi (anta rowscore)
- Jumpa Nurul (amik beg)
- Update my teaching file, teaching portfolio and others file )
- main game (sbb dah ngantuk)

4 ways to be happy:
- gi jalan-jalan
- shopping
- be with my family
- tgk tv or movies

4 gifts you would like to receive:
- books ( i love to read)
- PS 3
- rasa cam nak tukar laptop jer..
- kamera cam cheda

4 of your favourite hobbies:
- reading of course ( i hav a collection of stories books)
- play PS 2 ( balik gombak jer dapat buat coz don't hav my own)
- blogging
- kumpul resepi and try it (tapi tak selalu sgt buat)

4 places you want to go for vacation:
- gold coast, australia
- disneyland
- eiffel tower
- dubai

4 things always found in your bag:
- handphone
- purse
- keys (car key & office key)
- perfume

Top 4 u love so much:
- mama
- abah
- mu siblings
- my frenz who alwiz support me and around me (u know who u are)

Top 4 things 'special' for you:
- my car
- my handphone
- my laptop
- gifts that i receive from my frenz and family.. i really appreciate it. thanks guys

Top 4 who you would like to answer this survey:
- dekya
- kak maz
- che da
- kak zura

tengkiu2 :-D hehehe

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  1. apasal la tiba2 ada nama "kak maz" kat situ...akak nie lembab sket pasal buat2 tag nie...huhu